The benefits of sending flowers

I woke up from my slumber feeling alright
Just okay
Dust sprinkled onto the floor when I took my keys off the nightstand
A ring left from a cup of tea because I forget time and time again to use the coasters my mother gifted me
Faces bright
Evening lit up with icing globe lights
Some kind of magic
He didn’t show up
But he sent flowers

Wednesday morning
My favorite
Coffee in bed for ten minutes before work
Late to work
Time and time again
Worth it
I’m a menace to society
I ruin other peoples’ dreams
I call out obscene remarks when the curtain falls
Dates to me are no longer the engaging game they used to be
Don’t want to talk, don’t want to make “I” statements
Boys come and go like the seasons
But this one
Ahead of time
He sent flowers

Bad break-up
“The neighbors can hear you shout
Is that what you want”
Trying to pull it off
A calmness derived from too much exasperation
Glass breaks
Blood flows
His aggravation scares the life out of me
Typical set-up we have here
He moves across the country
I don’t know how to live
How to breathe without him
It’s our anniversary soon
And when the day comes
I’m brushing my teeth
Ring on the door
Got the day right
He sent the most beautiful flowers

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