Love poem: Grey sky lifespans (delicate)

Love poem: Grey sky lifespans (delicate)

Angel wings, soft graphite
I’ve got this new leash on life
A bench post that I, chill at, beneath the sun
I’ll tell you everything I know about the people that
I’ve never met in person
I’ve yet to see the sidewalk blossom
Though I believe it to be possible
A fawn in a garden
An encyclopedia of your expressions
You picked me at the right time, and I’ll show you exactly how and why

Monrovia boulevard, hit a truck and left a sticker
How hospitable
Of me in my rather formal attire
A ballroom gown for our afternoon at the coffee shop
You tell me I’m so glamorous
Let me know you think I know it, too
I laugh like I’m tossing marbles and we’re
Little kids running
From the porch
To the garden

Love poem: Grey sky lifespans (delicate) [continued]

I say things that don’t make any sense at all
And you smile because you just understand
You get why grey skies make me feel like
Watching thunderstorms from my bedside window
You get why I’m so scared of heights, but I want nothing more than to fall off skyscrapers
It looks fun to me
It feels nice to think
A freedom I can’t paint
Paper I can’t afford
From the store with the caution tape that you wrap me up in
I’ll bite

You have houseplants and I like that
Tending to something without wanting more from it in return
Down to Earth, high and dry, the mailbox was bent and broken
Like someone had knocked it over
I was vacillating between fixing something with my bare hands and coming across as an intruder
Polite political statements
You left dandelions for me on the hood of my car
I think you and I are something I would like to take part of

Love poem: Grey sky lifespans (delicate) [continued]

You touch my teeth
I collect twigs for the front of your door
Discussing orientation of lenses and why people never end up treating you the way you would think
I try my best (starting today) not to analyze so,
But chaos is a burning structure of loss
With you having a favourite brand of dental floss
You’re awfully loyal to.

You are a wave made out of rain and when your current reaches me
I disappear underwater and discover parts of myself I believed to be missing
Thinking I could benefit from being more forgiving
As long as I held on tightly to myself
I found you on the shore, sitting on your surfboard, and you told me it was a curse to see so much
With Baby’s Breath and seaweed in my hair, I laid my head on your right broad shoulder
Believing it to be worth it

Love poem: Grey sky lifespans (delicate) [continued]

Eighteen captured photographs on film
Of me – pathetic, alive, detailed
In sudden gaps I see again my personal agency
And how if you’ll come with me

Butterflies will sign documents
Stating they no longer want such short lifespans

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