On est frappé en effet par son totale absence d’émotion.

A cataclysm
I speak for the dead
I am the words keeping you awake in your head

A vivid surrender
It makes a good fight
That is when all of the noise will take flight

What do we do
With the absence in this room
I didn’t mean for all these strangers to intrude

To be read rushed
This is to be read like you’re going out of your mind
Like it isn’t real that there is an absence of time

Like you’re out of your mind
Like you’re out of your mind

With the absence in this room
You go out of your mind

Range Rover

Kind of developed a habit
Of missing you in the daytime
Surviving off blended fruit
Berries cherries and lime

Lime all of the time
The kids were trying to feel fine

Cool raspberry
Wear it to church
I’m sure it gives you chills
The deep red color makes you fall ill

Red Range Rover
Pull over
Don’t get me started about this

Don’t get me started about this


It’s kind of unfair because I really wanted to go
See how you live
See if it’s the kind of place I think it is

We walk through the streets when there’s no one there
Promise not to swear
Grab hold of my walls and make a tear

Now I can see the days when you had less of a hold on me
Not too often did you touch me
Hair behind ear, that was the only

I noticed, I was there
Some things you don’t want to believe
I noticed, you were there
Some things I don’t want to believe


He’s laughing at how I’m taking photographs of dandelions because they’re so


and I disliked my freckles growing up because they were seemingly so


and this jazz music the coffee shops play is washed up, we know it, they know it. The whole arcade of sanitary mammals know it.

But the ground coffee is too aromatic to get us to leave, even when they take away the chairs and put up the signs. We’re just so


we can even see it in ourselves, and it etches away like a mistaken color on a canvas