Veste de cuir

Why are you being so hostile? In your uneven leather jacket. You put out your cigarette, throw it in the street and won’t properly throw it away.

No matter how I ask
No matter how I ask

I bite my tongue to keep from cursing at you
You make me blue
You make me blue

The spotlights look nice
Frosty and bright
You’re hard on me
You don’t say goodnight

No matter how I ask
No matter how I ask


I don’t like to post works that I don’t like
But no wonder, writing is writing
You, 4 am, glasses on and fervid
Your documents you’re compiling

I never thought the truth would be
So tepid and so warm
It’s like things can be so carefree
Until the birds start to swarm

You tell me I write blazing fast
Slow down, let your mind catch up
But you don’t know what’s in my head
We differ in mannerisms, that’s what’s up

I like your crystal tendencies
I like the pitch black night
I like the scaly, scary things
I’ll die for the frostbite

But still, wrap me up tight
Turn off the lights



You met me when I was serene
Don’t worry, I’ll get hostile and mean
I act like a fucking preteen

I reapply my blush three times a day
Unless I use high-quality setting spray
These girly things

Losing hope of this whole grand thing
Don’t want to be taken under someone’s wing
But would that perhaps solve things

Stubborn and rich, I wish I wish
I want to be such a bitch
But your eyes are cool, green-hazel tone
I think it’s so raw to the bone
You touch the right places & make me moan

That’s it.

Old fashioned

Your light eyes, voice so smooth
I’m a green-eyed beauty queen
Legs hit the pavement
Expression bitter & mean

On parchment with parsley
Yellow concrete & thyme
Mysteries of our memories
Apple crisp & moonshine

Witty but only on pages
No intention to rhyme
Going backwards in high speed
I do that all of the time

Take me out of this nest
Take me out of this nest
Where the whiskey is neat
Where the words don’t repeat