What’s new to Lilacdove!

  1. I am officially my own website!!! Lilacdove.com. Proud moment.
  2. Poems are separated into two categories: pinks and blues. The pink backgrounds represent love poems, and the blue backgrounds represent all of everything else— sometimes love in different contexts. I can’t always cloud my feed with declarations of adoration; the blues serve as a concrete filler into daily life that the haze of endearment passes by. If you want to read through specifically one of these categories, you can click the link below my header and above the top post to access them compiled together. I am working on uploading each poem to each category but I have a lot of work ahead of me so bear with me.
  3. I have added a “favorites” section (and link in my header bar) of my personally most treasured pieces. Still working on tagging those.
  4. I have a new header image! It adds some colour & definition to the website.

5. I have created a contact form so that visitors can feel free to email me any questions, thoughts, critiques, stories, comments, and etcetera. I welcome messages of all kind.

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Instagram: @lilacdovee

7. I have started a soundcloud to create verbal posts reading my works. I’m only covering a select few and have only just begun so I’m not used to this at all, but it was suggested to me by a fellow writing friend.

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That concludes my updates. Quite a bit has been renovated. I hope you enjoy the website as much as I enjoy creating and contributing to it.

Ever so sincerely,


Like death, adore him

Lilacs growing in the garden
Saying “I’ll see you tomorrow”
A boy who doesn’t leave me with sorrow
And I still mess it up
I find a way
To misbehave
Get my own way
Impatience every day
I go to the beach and pray
For grey skies and soliloquy’s
For you and me, breakfast with tea
For me to provide all your fantasies

It’s rich
It’s gold
Maybe I should have done what I was told
Be a good girl
No temptations
Enforce restrictions
Monitor yourself
Equate honesty with wealth
Maintain your good health
Never run out of breath
Get yourself out of this mess

And when you get a boy that laughs like death
Adore him to the edges of the earth
Make sure he never gets hurt
Not by the ground, not by your lying teeth
More manipulative the further we drive East
This isn’t the place I wanted to be
Come home to me, baby
Making love with passion and greed
Try to do one good deed
Don’t keep your bad habits
Driving fast, avoiding running over rabbits
I’m a little crazy, just a tad bit

Come back to me
I’m fragile
Come home to me
Come home to me
Come home to me
Come home


Stuck on you like candy blue
I want to seep you in like maroon
My body’s disjointed and out of touch
Didn’t know somebody could love me this much
It was terrible, a bit too much

Concrete ground is so nice to lay on
When the cars hurriedly pass by
Everyone’s so aggressive, I don’t get why
I’m playing with a stream that started from the Northside
It’s digging holes in me
I have to go inside

A dark cavern is lit by the girls who smile
We’re delighted in conversation so we don’t mind taking a while
Chrysanthemums at the door, left for one of the dancers
I ask the doorman, he knows all of the answers
He told me I look like cancer

He told me I look like cancer
But I’m just a delicate dancer
It’s not my fault I’m decayed
It’s not my fault he never stayed

This is what it looks like to be betrayed

Bad habits

You think
You think you can predict
When my ship is going to sink
Well, you might be right about that

You know me so well
One phone call
My breaking voice
You can already tell
And suddenly I feel safe

Our drinking habits
We aim to decrease the bottles
Go swimming tomorrow
Eat breakfast, not feel hollow
Your muscles are coming back

The skater boys
With their twisted ankles
Broken clavicles
We tell the tales
Send my wedding ring in the mail

You know you would do it
So do it
You know you wouldn’t do it
So screw it
Bad habits

Bad habits


Blue periwinkle dress
Table for two
Concerns on my part
What’s sewn’s torn apart
I like your soft grace
Your willingness to chase
Your tendency to amaze
How you match my soft gaze
I think of all of the ways
To show you I care

Three teaspoons of sugar
In my coffee
But you like yours black, cold brew
And I really do like you
Stuck on me like a flu
There’s nothing I can really do
But stop and tell you
That I’m not in love with you
Those feelings are far-fetched
In my brain you roughly sketched
A picture of wheels and a deck
I grabbed you by the neck
Were you breathing, I had to check
And you weren’t
You were holding your breath

You were holding your breath