Love & Adoration

I want to be loved and adored
Dancing around on your kitchen floor
Send me flowers to my residence, white roses
Split your favorite coffee with me
Bike across the city for me
Wildflowers and daisies
Showers and introductions
Hello, this is my girlfriend; she’s beautiful
That type of love
That type of trust
That type of overseas bending-backwards lust

And no guilt tripping me
For forgetting your favorite color
Not tidying my place before you come over
A new kind of lover
I’m ready for that, I’m sure of it
I’m tired of not hearing nice things about me
Does my perfume smell nice enough for you
Does the scent stay in your car after I leave for the night
Do you crave it when you’re on your pillow thinking of me
Tell me you’re thinking of me
It’s not very hard to do
But it does magnitudes for women who
Haven’t heard compliments in a while
Or sweet things in their ears
Come over here

Be soft with me
Stern as a man should be but with me, gentle
Embrace me like you would a child
A sweet dandelion on your shoulder
Make me comfortable enough to let you over
Into my world where things are upside down
And you’re this broad-shouldered man about town
But then we meet and you spin me around
And you love me and adore me
Love me and adore me

I wish for it
And over

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