Daisies & Sunshine

Blueberries on top of frozen ice
Everyone around me is looking at me
Waiting for me to induce vomit
Waiting for me to cry out your name
Waiting for me to break down and let tears pour down my face
But I find you at last, my most handsome of gods
I won’t forget your face in the crowd
It’s a million dollar check floating amongst a sea of coins
Hand in hand
Again and again

Listening to “The Bends” on repeat
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” (a scream) as an intro
Earlier I thought you were a different person
But subsequently I changed my mind
The more you revealed your belly aches
Free showers at the beach for our legs and hair
My chrysanthemums have died but they’re still pink & lovely
You’re lying on the bed waiting to feel better and I’m watching you lay on the bed wondering what ‘better’ will look like

“Better” last time presented itself as you, with a softer, more warm tone
Picking up medication from the evening pharmacy
Opening the car door for me & showing affection
I wished that night that I’d be happy and I was happy
But you’re so distant from me now
You’ve got someone that doesn’t want you to stay out late
But you stay out late
With me

Give yourself over to God and let me keep the physical body
And the emotional figurine can come by on Thursday to propose

Then life would be perfect, I suppose
Then life would be perfect, I suppose
Then life would be perfect, I suppose
Don’t you think life would be perfect, you suppose?

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