You run your fingers over mine
They’re made of stone
Your hands’ edges are sharp like a knife
It’s the things you do
It’s the way you are
I can barely contain myself
I spit out your sweat
I’m running out of breath
It’s the way you carry yourself

You won’t read my work
Which may be a good thing because it’s all about
You, you, you
All dressed down, not polished
Diamond in the rough-type heartbeat
The way you say my name is so neat
Like minced so perfect
Early morning Thursday

We split like beams in-between dark surfaces
Correspond in highlights to each other’s dark embers
No pretending
I find you rough in your wake
You’re a coughing shallow pool
I’m misunderstood
You’re getting undressed
The sunset we’re watching is the very best
And I’m thinking, “Is this a test?”

Tan, tan, tan arms
Built like one of your video game boys
Nothing I love more than holding your arm
In the sweet summertime, it’s coming now
July sees us being romantic again
And it smiles, hoping it’ll last a while
Hoping I don’t set myself on fire
Hoping you don’t cut yourself on the wire
That we climb over to go where we want to go and be where we want to be

Be quiet
But it’s only you and me
And I feel pretty
The dusk is ahead of me
And you–
You’re every girl’s dream
But you’re here with me
And I won’t hold my breath
Though you’ll suggest
That we last this time
And I say yes.
Yes, yes, yes
We’ll last this time.

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