Swim with me

Unopened records on the wall
Boy you have it all
Dry bones and teeth
Crystal vacancies
Membranes in place
Come over to my place
We can’t make any mistakes
Your deep voice makes me shake
From nervousness, from sunshine
No one-hit-wonders
I’m starting to think this is forever
You roll your eyes, whatever
I’m going to drown you one day

Night sees me cradling myself
I want to be in your tan arms
I tell you, you shouldn’t be alarmed
When a pretty girl kisses you
It all begins with you
You’re the hot to my tea
The celeb to my rity
Magnitude up to fifty
So jump off the cliff with me
First climb like your body is made to do
Carrying sweet, soft me
Cradling me

I wrote you a poem and you never read it
I said oh well, whatever, forget it
I still somehow don’t regret it
It’s yours until the end
You’re mine across the bend
You’re mine until the end
Lilac flowers and all
Cradle me

Come swim with me
Jagged rocks around us
They don’t scare us
Just don’t get too close
To them, not me

In front of me be your wildest self
Let your untangled dreams come off the shelf
I’m curious to know what’s important to you
I’m eating citrus and fresh honeydew
Melting into you
You are my favorite baby blue

I hope you get a good night’s sleep
So we can leave in the morning
Buy a plane ticket to wherever’s important
You can sleep on my shoulder
Your dark crisp embers falling on my dress
In that mind of yours, no stress
I’m soon to be undressed

Dazzling like daisies
Come drown with me or I’ll push you down
Be the toughest man in town
I’ve finally got you now
I’m a man of my word and you

Are the love of my life.

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