Irreconcilable differences

Truly madly deeply
Why are you still in love with me
I’m fading and decaying
Can’t you see?
Your love no longer spoils me

Fiscally irresponsible
Minimum down payment
The numbers that apply to your life
And how they contrive their way into mine
Exit tax refund
Supply & demand
I was the one that showed you that band
God, you’re out of the pool and you’re looking so tanned
One day, that was my man

Poor reputation
Repulsive behavior
Bend down now to our lord, Heaven’s savior
I like to be sweet
You can choose the flavor
Favors for favors

Impossible to kill
The burning kind
The love that begins to manipulate your mind
I’m not too far behind
But I’ll catch you one day
When you’re patient enough to let me get my way
When the madness is silk and the dark fades away
When in the sea in your arms I can faithfully stay
And stay that way
Until the decay

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