1st of September

It’s the first of September
13 days ’till my birthday, remember?
I haven’t spoken to you in what feels like forever
But now it’s September
And I’m dancing anew
Around my kitchen with my canvas ballet shoes on
Someone asked me if ballerinas really stand on their toes
I laughed and said “well, that’s how it goes”
How we can be so far apart but sometimes feel so, close

You make me
You make me

I want to grab you a beer but you’re not here
You’re off doing whatever you like
With a girl like me, yeah, sike
Missed opportunities
Looking out the window
Sipping matcha green tea and staring in the mirror
Like, what do I see here?
The girl who got away
Who had months she wanted to stay
My hip bones show the start of decay

Have I told you how much I love phone calls
When the phone rings, I drop all my things
I pick up the receiver like a delicate secretary
But these days I just hit decline
These days I don’t even buy myself wine
I used to sip it all the time
On the phone with you
Talking about your tattoos
I was stuck to you like glue
On the wrong page

To hear your laugh again
I’d fade into the sea
I’d ask you to swim with me
You’d laugh and say “we’ll see”

So we’ll see

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