Behind me

Trying to think about something that isn’t you
But is it true
That you’re a liar too

It goes on and on in my head
The sweet looks you give me
But first and foremost I know you’re coy
Don’t laugh at me boy

I devised a plan to get you to me but now it’s all crumbled up and in the trash
Because I don’t need that
I don’t need to chase after you
I’ve got deeper magnitudes
Besides, I’m softer than you
And spiraling and talking about Malibu
Trying to remember, to remember

Is it overbearing or underwhelming?
I’m a mere shadow on a casket
I’m sleek and I chirp like a little finch
I do it all to get you closer, just an inch
But if I’m not your only then what can I be
A plain taken-with-no-sugar cup of tea
Where else but me will you find serenity
And how selfish of me is that

It all exists in the abstract
You and me– we divide– then come together and dive
Into our own separate seas where you are you and I am me
And we barely communicate through our treacherous waters
Don’t admit that we want escape
That we want someone there with us

You can call me
Come find me
Hold me real nicely
But don’t let me run from you
Because when I do
I go far

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