“Girl” requirements

James Dean boy
Sometimes cruel
I think you kind of rule
Your hair, which falls perfectly
For me to run my fingers through
Hoping you like it
Hoping I’m fulfilling my “girl” requirements
Or “lover” requirements for the daytime

Making me giggle when you drive with your knees
Forgetting to say please
And thank you
But manners at the dinner table
Polite conversation
At first
Political rants
You’re so cute when you’re passionate
I like when your eyes gleam
Sometimes you make me want to scream

And I did once, I think
You caught me right off the brink
It was by the kitchen sink
And you sprung backward
Appalled, you got mad
Ready to go
But I calmed the both of us down
Fulfilling another “girl” requirement

With you I trust all of my hunches
I buy mums in bunches
I still remember when you bought me flowers
It was the loveliest of hours
I am a downtown city-type girl
But you make me feel like I’m by the countryside
Writing by the river about my sweet boy
I hope you understand me the way I understand you
One day, it’ll be true
One day

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