Poem: Whiskey in the sunshine

I always forget

In the cool blue like it’s the ocean


With your sanitary hand napkins
That you specifically call towelettes
Not an English accent but it’s the best
I always forget what state you’re from
And you tease me for that very gesture


Still come by
Even though I told you not to anymore
Sunday morning, you show up at my door
And you proceed to infiltrate
Ask me who bought those flowers
Ask me who I’m getting ready for
Take a book about romance and passion off my bookshelf
“By mistake”


You don’t make mistakes
You’re this rare thing, you were born immaculate
The only thing about you is your greed
Your hunger
You push me down under
The water, when we’re swimming
I love to bask in the cool blue like it’s the ocean
I’m relieved you don’t have blue eyes
Thank god you’re not one of those guys
You tutor me in math and I give you chocolates
That I pocket from the work parties I choose not to attend
I have plans
I got plans


You only wear Vans
Such a boy you are!
I like when you play fight with me
Rummage through my hair
That I combed neatly for our “date”
I like that you participate
We’re like two soldiers at war
That have each others’ back
When I thought you left I had a panic attack
I promised I’d get you back


Get you back
You’d have to be mine first
And you know, that sounds like an intolerable curse
Being in love with you would possibly be the worst
But we’d go out all the time
Sip the whiskey I like under the warm sunshine
Spend the day together on Valentine’s
Come away with me
Let my pink nails scratch your head
That’s the only way you can get to bed


Now I have you stuck in my head
And you know, that sounds like an intolerable curse
We’re like two soldiers at war
Except I’d be smiling at you too much to shoot
And you know I love to shoot


But then there’s you 

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