Poem: My honeybee (ocean waves)

Free verse love poem: My honeybee (ocean waves)

Does he read these
Has he noticed
Does it matter?

I’m sitting beside the pool
Facing me
Is a honeybee
Attracted to fruit
And a porcelain girl
Soft around the edges
I allow it to crawl around and wrap itself around my ring finger
I guess we’re married now

Little thing
It doesn’t matter how much sunblock I put on, I can’t block out the sun
Coming down on me, waterfalls
Like smooth rainfall
Leaving me flush-faced, soft grace
Bitter taste
Don’t remember what it feels like
Can’t be bothered to recall
You once had me enraptured
I almost thought I had been in love
Like diamonds

I’m soft peaches in the summertime
I make fun of you so much for listening to Sublime
It’s such bad music!
Change the channel
The cute expressions you get from your grandfather
You’re oh so mysterious
You can’t be bothered!
I laugh to nobody but myself (in my head)
Washed out riverbed
Covered with vines, rusty garden shed
Honey-crisp apples, I belong to myself
The sweetest
In all of the land
I run right through you
Like falling quicksand
Can’t help it
I kind of like when I tan

It reminds me of the best parts of my dad

The Dnieper river that to me was a beach
I wanted to be pretty
Coated in bleach
Smother you with nothing because I’m so shallow
I am only found on the surface, along with the waves
I swim against the current for the epinephrine release
The rush I crave
Marbles in whirlpools
Is killing me inside
And I don’t show it because I’m so shallow
I am only found on the surface
With the ocean waves
Find me here

Then wash me away

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