Poem: Call the cops, she’s in love

Poem: Call the cops, she’s in love

Raspberries and bleachers, always got my head in the clouds
Let’s go to all the places we’re not allowed
Diamonds have meaning when I look at them now
It always feels special when you come around town
I place faith in you
Because you place value in me
Playing your new song with heavy surround sound

Being happy sounds nice & refreshing
It’s seldom what I’m ever expecting
And you know how I love to keep you guessing
Tune you in to that in which I’m obsessing

A transient thought
My hopeless nature
I’m getting the feeling I’m kind of your favourite

I place faith in you
Because you place value in me
Life is sublime with its intricate subtleties
Four thirty a.m., I’m so glad we could speak
Come over & share the entire room with me

Fresh rosemary and homegrown tomatoes on the vine
I’m one in a million
Truth be told, I’ll make you mine
I want to be there for you while I’m still in my prime
I’ll teach you the names of all the bones in your spine

I’m not going to leave
You paint the white on my teeth
I keep you somewhere very close to me
Honorable mention in my thoughts
Lemonade & apricots
Picnics underneath the white sunshine

I said it; I meant it
I laughed, then forgot
Your beloved sports team and our love for Arthropods
I’ll bring you calm whenever you get pissed off
Let’s live in the sparkling world that belongs to God

I tend to forget what I’m worth
I’ll trust that your intention is not to hurt
We’ll wear each others’ onyx black and charcoal grey shirts
We’ll create our own version of heaven on Earth

I’m willing to place faith in you
If you take notice of the value in me

I’m more than willing

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