Love poem: Initials inscribed

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Love poem: Initials inscribed

I think I got a good one
Don’t want to let him go
But silk and satin separate here
That’s really all I know

Got a gun in my purse
I’m walking on the haunted hills
I don’t mean to tell offbeat jokes
But I like the way it makes you feel

Wavering and wandering, I can’t even see straight
When I throw a dagger, I don’t know where it goes
I don’t want to see red, but I’m so in love with colour
Vivid, I like it vivid, I like the deep blues
That scare you
I’ve been there too
Afraid to be in my own skin
So I can try yours on
Tailor it just right to fit you
Give it to you back clean, with only my initials inscribed
Between your clavicles in cursive font
This is the way the world spins
What are you waiting for, just get in
Breathe a little bit in the boiling river with me

I can take you to
I can take you to the brink of insanity
Though you’ll find it’s more apricot and mesh than you could have dreamed
I know what’s on the other side
Flown there a billion times
The places I don’t know, yeah they’re calling for me
I can take you to the edge of insanity
Show you how blooming and lovely it feels

A beach of all rocks, I’m made of charcoal – this much I know
I’ll be your stepping stone
When you find yourself alone and feel like nobody’s on the line
Oh, I’ll come on by
I drive faster than all the vehicles on the highway combined
Immeasurable, transferable, soft with elegance and no hint of dismay
I’m etched into the clouds for you
Yeah, I’ll be there for you
Show you a world that’s clandestine and brand new
Got it on lock

I tailor my own skin
So that it fits me just right
So that when you look my way
You see me in just the right light

Lie down on this river bed with me
There’s no future, there’s no past
There is only the space
We occupy
For the night

And if
We separate
I’ll have
Pushed you
In the direction you were heading anyway

A love poem about comforting someone.

Sweet boy
Nothing to be scared of
You know that
You know that
Don’t you now

Sacrificing my will

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