Love poem in blue: Four hours (franklin avenue)

Love poem in blue: Four hours (franklin avenue)

If you’re new to my collection of poetry, love poems are typically in pink, but this one seemed to fit a blue backdrop better than pink.

I’m alright with being an ordinary girl
Not very many followers, not very many friends
My circle is too small to heal me
So I paint circles with the ink that bleeds off of a page when water washes away all of the bittersweet words
Your old Cambridge literary journals
If I ever loved you, it wasn’t on purpose

I clean up nice
Baby doll dresses
I-, I-, I always wanted to be famous
Just to one person
Just to be his world
His source of power
But I burnt out so, so young
I can taste the bitter tar endings on my tongue
The combustion of whatever you and me ever were to be

One word replies
You think you’re so wise!
You use black curtains to hide from the sun
The only thing hotter than your large caliber gun
A soundproof room
A baby blooms
Angel bed where there lives the city of sin
Insensitive, discerning, you’re impervious to loss
I wanted you badly
But at what cost?

Franklin avenue where my bike crashed into your lawn
And I fell down underneath the hot summer sun
Absorbed it like water on sheets
We laughed and had blisters on our feet
You told me you’d never leave

You frustrate me when you don’t hit me up first
Totaled your Panamera, you forgave me, cos I love you the most
Laughed about it on an Instagram post

In your sleep you have the wildest dreams
Most consist of you marrying me
You’re more romantic than you make things seem
Probably because you don’t know what’s beneath
Your skin is so soft, so soft
Grey fuzzy blanket for movie night in the loft
With you all I ever want to do is get lost
And all I think about
Is me plus you, in any place

In any place
In any place
Let our sour love surface
In any place
In any place

Tell me you love looking in my direction
Make me bleed out my inner infection
Start a bone marrow collection

I close my eyes and picture the garden of Eden
But you’re not there
Well then
The devil in the details is trying to tell me
That this is what I need

A peacefulness cradles me in comatose, amber silk
You’re hopeless and breathless
I’ve loved you for hours
Your despondent wake
Your ivory powder

And I’ve loved you and
loved you
For hours
Four hours
I’ve loved you
For four hours
And hours

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