Is hard to beat
On fifth street
I can’t remember your former address

Driving by, looking for parking
An absence of road rage
A calmness which brings us closer to our goals
Something I admire in you
Little things like my favorite flowers lining the sidewalk
And my never adjusting to the layout of the apartment complex

Laughing like a little girl
When I make mistakes
Like I’m carefree

Driven by your insanity

One ponytail
Hair up high
You pull me by it and kiss me
Like they do in the movies
The movies that haven’t been made yet

Wanting to take stills of you driving
You look so cool
Knees on the steering wheel like you’re out of a classic film
Retro schoolboy that needs a haircut
But I like your hair messy like that

Still wondering after all these months
Who am I to be in your presence
I could be lovely
I could be sweet
I could be soft

I could be driven by your insanity
And drown in it over and over again

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