Love poem: Roses that never came in the mail

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Love poem: Roses that never came in the mail

When I get tired, my glasses weigh heavy on my face
You tripped me up, you did
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t extrapolate meaning from the events that we saw differently
Learned what is most important to me
Seventeen minutes until I’m home & the cars start to spin
Hoping it rains soon so I can read by the window
Let my outdoor plants feel the abyss of unexpected
Weighing heavily of light-hearted anchors

Imagination is too powerful
I’m trying to immerse myself in the sky
But what do I think about when I try to go to sleep at night
Your laugh
The way you throw your head back
Cover your face
Stains my mind in carnivorous ways

The way you throw your head back
Cover your face
One time you apologized, “sometimes I laugh really hard”
I loved it
That I made you laugh
Something calming about that

I can be the most comforting person you’ve ever come across
But at some point you have to show up for me
That’s what breaks my heart
Just a little bit
Just a tad
I thought things were getting better but they never had
Soft rubber bands
Roses that never came in the mail

I study physics all day and
Learn so many things I wish I could share with you
It was me who ended things
I remain strong and confident in my position
Though I would be lying
Oh, I would be lying

If I didn’t think about how you would throw your head back
When I would make you laugh
All I want is to be comforting
I’m reserved with other people, but all I want is to be my true self
Even if that means going where there’s nobody else

Roses that never came in the mail
Now I can tell the tale

Of the boy I was so, so close to falling with in lo-

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