The man you are today

Picking me up to go to the cinema
Strawberry frozen tart on my lips
You give me a thousand kisses
I think that this is what bliss is

The flower shop is closed so we make a detour
Find another place to spend our day
You know the things I like the most
You know I love to have my way

The plastic trees decay

A glowing silver bag with my cosmetics
Your personal belongings in a jar
I’m trying not to think about the future
Because it’s just too far

But I’m carefully listening
To every song lyric you play
Wondering if they’ve got to do with
The man you are today

I’ve got to be on my way

Scenic drives for later
Butter-like candle dreams
I think I’m missing something
You’re pulling me at the seams

No, there’s something in-between
It’s taking up all the headlights
A natural cause
A reason for applause

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