I laughed because you thought you were ordinary

Things have been uneven between us
I make a joke, you keep a straight face
You keep things neat, my things I misplace
You’ve got such a cute face

Underwhelming at the least
Broken ties
The melodrama was a surprise
But your laidback mannerisms come by late in the afternoon to remind me that things can be simple
And for that I thank you in my mind

I love the way you lay back
Like you’re giving up on the world
But you’re not wilting in the least
We kiss twice and bike East
I’m always delighted to see you smile

Honestly I stumble backwards a bit
When you break away
It’s reminiscent of me to say
The things I spend days rehearsing
Cute boys are difficult to look straight at when telling the truth to

It’s our youth too

It’s paradise
The warm air feels nice
Your back is what I want to reach
As the sun’s rays infect me and you tell me it’s okay

That’d be a nice day
Can I have it my way

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