Nouvelles années

“There’s a booking for every resolution” – a travel service’s commercial I saw today

Making new years plans is anxiety-inducing, perhaps. I knew what I wanted to do as part of my obligations to certain people, and I knew I’d enjoy my time there. The car didn’t make it the whole way – thank goodness for AAA tow service & letting me bring my little tater tot pup along for the ride, though she barked as expected at the driver. It was an adventure in itself — moving along from far left to far right at 20 mph on one of the fastest-moving highways. But we did it, and held tight, we sure did!

“Girls have to go out into the world and explore their minds.” Another sip to take while breathing, heard in a commercial for a film. Thinking about what I want to explore, where I want to go in the depths of my mind. Thinking about how cliche that sounds! But should I care?

This is my New Years post, dammit. Feel so scatter-brained but hopefully in a for-creative-pursuit type of way. I have lots to say about that, and you, and this, and them. But I also have a lot of “internal work” to do – you know I hate these spiritual terms, but maybe it’s a part of assimilating to the culture of growing into an adult in this modern age. This modern age, we’re just so nuclear.

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