Your needs (horrifying)

Inside of you there’s something horrifying that nobody can touch
I’ve seen it
I’ve felt it
It was inescapable because I loved you so much
I’d crumble straight into dust
And you’d put on your yellow gloves
And do what you do
You get rid of me
Dark charcoal clouds of animosity
For what?

Your fear of being too much
For one person
Because you know how hard you can crush a girl like me like stained glass
A vase that’s been holding your freshest flowers and keeping them alive for a year
Blended into the scenery
You, unimpressed with the blooming
Coming home, everyday fuming
White roses on Cherry Ave
I loved that day, how about you

Emergency calls
Getting so mad you punch holes in my walls
Loved you so much I didn’t mind
Loved you so much I paid the fine
I let it go every single time
You were gone when you were mine
Loved you so much I thought things were fine
Loved you so much with or without the wine
You didn’t believe me

You didn’t need me
You needed

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