You & your white car

He didn’t show up with flowers
He was late, by a few hours
I drank with myself and shuddered at night
Some kind of partner, he was less than alright
Thought I could change him, thought I might
It couldn’t have been more of a lie

Waving goodbye when your white car drives past
You make bad decisions and the memories don’t last
But you look like you’re smiling, like you’re having a blast
Distant airwaves, motorcycles
Raccoons in the distance to wave to
You never went to work did you
You lost that job, didn’t you

But everyday
9 to 5
He was working the tough man’s shift
No details about it but I didn’t cause a rift
It was already a sinking relationship
But I told myself, doll you can handle it
He can’t feel remorse, it’s not there in his brain
The phone will play so many dials you’ll at last reach pain
Again and again

You never went to work, did you
Waving goodbye when your white car drives by
No pictures to remember you were having a blast
Baby, you were moving too fast

We never did last
Not even in the photographs

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