Video Games

Play me like a video game
I’ll make you do things that’ll make you feel ashamed
Boy, boy
You’re engrained in my brain
But you can’t stop the pain
It comes like hurricanes
But it doesn’t go

Boy, boy
With your video games
Better say my name
Right, right
Invite me to spend the night
Even though all your roommates do is fight
Being in bed holding your hand is really quite nice
I’m engaged to the night

We can block out the noise
Treat each other like toys
I’m just a blonde girl and you’re one of the boys
Encapsulated by this

Play me like a video game
The way you talk to me drives me insane
You know I’m wild and you, you’re soft and you’re tame
Boy pour me some crisp champagne
Boy, boy
You take away all the pain
Except when you go

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