What’s new to Lilacdove!

  1. I am officially my own website!!! Lilacdove.com. Proud moment.
  2. Poems are separated into two categories: pinks and blues. The pink backgrounds represent love poems, and the blue backgrounds represent all of everything else— sometimes love in different contexts. I can’t always cloud my feed with declarations of adoration; the blues serve as a concrete filler into daily life that the haze of endearment passes by. If you want to read through specifically one of these categories, you can click the link below my header and above the top post to access them compiled together. I am working on uploading each poem to each category but I have a lot of work ahead of me so bear with me.
  3. I have added a “favorites” section (and link in my header bar) of my personally most treasured pieces. Still working on tagging those.
  4. I have a new header image! It adds some colour & definition to the website.

5. I have created a contact form so that visitors can feel free to email me any questions, thoughts, critiques, stories, comments, and etcetera. I welcome messages of all kind.

6. My latest instagram posts should show on the side of a single post. They look like this:

Instagram: @lilacdovee

7. I have started a soundcloud to create verbal posts reading my works. I’m only covering a select few and have only just begun so I’m not used to this at all, but it was suggested to me by a fellow writing friend.

Sign in/make an account and comment if you so please!

That concludes my updates. Quite a bit has been renovated. I hope you enjoy the website as much as I enjoy creating and contributing to it.

Ever so sincerely,


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