Black metal and a peach
I call you, I’m not feeling fine
This has been happening all of the time
This pit in my stomach that’s growing
Of external appearances, I’m not showing
Call goes to voicemail
I spin around in my office chair
Thinking of all the things you could be doing
All of the girls that you could be screwing
To my general state this is contributing

So I hang up the telephone
Rock back and forth a bit
Feel like I’m on a sailor’s ship
And I don’t have to do any little thing
But my mind cruelly wakes me up from this dream and points to all of the things I need to do
How somebody can work in this state, I don’t know, I barely do
I run through my contacts but I don’t have anyone but you
And I’m realizing no matter what you say, you almost never come through
What’s a gal like me to do

A magazine clipping on my wall states “Within Reach”
It was put up for inspiration
How simply they made it sound
Like something is right across the fence and you only have to climb it
Well I’m good at climbing fences
But you’re not “Within Reach”
You’re not on the other side of the fence
You’re so far away I can hardly taste you
With guns ablaze I can’t even find you

This fairytale is turning into a nightmare
I believe I’m the only one feeling the despair
Of not having you there
Close to me
Where we can be

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