Stuck on you

Hunger pangs coinciding with a deep void
I’m still a little girl
Laying awake at night
Breathing fresh air
Lavender air diffuser
Three in the morning & I’m too awake to call you
Too anxious to get my tone right
Too late for me to say good night
I’ll stay up alone, it’s alright

The darkness of the night is a new kind of sparkle
Gives my room a soft gleam
I avoid you, so I frantically clean
But all that matters is what’s in between
Your neural fibers which make me wonder
Am I going too fast, am I slipping under
How am I still stuck on you
Like a long-winded belly-aching strong flu
And what’s in it for you

I could be the most wonderful lover
I could set sail your ship for you
Never make you look bad
Talk to you gently when you are sad
I’m everything you need in life right now
But there are people standing in my way
It makes me want to cry, won’t they go away
Real hesitant I am, so I stand at the bay
And you come to me, an innocent boy
Ask me about my day
Tell me sweet words I haven’t heard in a while
Made me think I went out of style
But if this is our revolution, you and me
Sign me up, sign me up, sign me up

Toss and turn all night all you like
I’ll be next to you quiet and still, in the dark
When the light comes gleaming I’ll stare at your soft face
In the morning I hope you’ll owe me a sweet embrace
I’m not looking forward to the chase
I just want you, you, you
And me, me, me
Intertwined in your bedroom, the cafe, the playground
Push me down onto the ground
Oh dear, what have I found

I’ll turn over, laughing, and say
“You’re the most perfect boy around town”
I just want you, you, you
And me, me, me

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