Sitting and smoking in your kitchen

Handsome to be such a jerk
But you make it work
Yeah, you make it work

I want to
Show you what you’ve been missing
Sitting and smoking in your kitchen
Talk for hours, all I want is to listen
You’re so unaware
Of how I feel
If you found out I’d play it off as no big deal
I’m sick of telling you how sad I am
I want you to put your arms around me
Hug me hello and make me some tea
Decide not to tell me I look pretty
You’re terrible at compliments
Terrified of an audience
But I have been
Like, desperately

Play one of your songs for me
Your cats on my lap
Just come back
Let me knock on your door
Walk to Santa Monica to go to the store
Kiss me like that on your bedroom floor

Always leave me wanting more
And go back to hiding from the rest of the world
Even though you’re the coolest guy around

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