Shivers and strawberries

It gets me every time
Your clandestine grin
Sends shivers down my spine
Keys in the ignition, I sit and wait
Mentally prepare for us to meet
Once again, return as lovers
To be unspoken things
Lemonade in a pastel green glass cup
You’re heavenly don’t you know
I spit you out

No right turn so we lean to the left
California sunflowers are your favorite
I sprinkle flower seeds onto the front row
Of a garden I intend to bury myself into
You tell me I’m like sweet strawberries
I draw into my shell
You’ll yell at me later
Tell me I’m up to no good
Though I’m spending my afternoons in the garden playing with rubber bands as I watch the sunset
As the sun drops down into the sky and the abyss
We wave goodbye to it
A peaceful display of joie de vivre
It’s what the kids have come out for, on their skateboards, bicycles, and razor scooters
The sound of laughter in the background
Between us too
Boy, I like you

We take it back to old history
You miss me
You really miss me
You tell me I look pretty
I’m dressed up in chiffon and you in leather
We look so good together
That’s the way it is
It’s cold back where it’s bliss
I can’t stand your voice and you can’t stand mine
You confuse me all the time
It’s jeopardizing the tranquility we forged
I could have saw it coming but I was busy in the garden
Doing bad things to you
Asking to go to Malibu
Telling you to get right or it’ll be on the news

You tell me I’m like sweet strawberries
Send shivers down my spine
Cast me another favor
Tell me that all the time
Promise me you’re mine

Boy, I like you
I really, really do

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