Rubbing alcohol

There’s things I want to say to you
So as to not rock the mountains of the world
Behind the wire fence
That cut your arm
I want to tell you that I love you
That I still love you
No matter what
No matter what tar you find yourself in
I’m at the edge of the bend
With you

You come over tired from work
Speak to me
I turn your words into poetry but they come out like
Uninterrupted, unhinged
You’re on another alcohol binge
And I am playing it safe like I am your mother
Taking care of you when you let me, as long as you let me
Rubbing alcohol for your wound
I let it drip and sit
You stare at the ceiling with those dashing brown eyes
They’re not like any other guys’
And I have to tell you again

That I love you
I still love you
And I’ll love you again & again
To you my heart will tend
Over & over & over again

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