Roses, tulips, daisies, more

So, you have me flippin’ worlds around
Burning my world down to the ground
Looking up wedding dresses all day long like it’s something that’s actually on my to-do list for at least the near-future.
Where’d the sentiment arrive from?
“Pawn shop blues.”
How do you do that thing you do to my thighs?
Buy me dinner, get me a drink, make me think with the subjects you bring up without feigning interest in what intrigues me too.
Be romantic, please.
Don’t overdo it.
More flowers.
Always more flowers.
Roses, tulips, daisies, more.
To decorate my apartment and
remind me of you.
Bike rides.
Even in the rain. We just need rain coats.
Take me to new places.
Like you do.
Take me to old places.
Like you do.
Say farewell in cute ways.
Exit your vehicle to hug me goodbye.
Read my poetry but only if you’re genuinely interested.
In me.
As a person.
Not an object, nor a concept.
Don’t look for me to fulfill you.

Just let me.

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