Tears stain
The grey sweatshirt of yours that I love so much
That you let me wear but you take away when we get in fights
So I hide it in my messy drawer so you can’t find it on the coldest of nights

The way he says,
It breaks through me
Leaves a gash where it sought an entrance
Seeds sow lavender under blue skies
I miss my hand on his brick thigh
At the bar, with his beer, he says loud and clear
“It’s nice to see you here,”
And I agree
Like it’s America and I’m the most free
Elegant pink dress, smooth collarbone and a seat at the bar for two
We love our tradition
Like cops in a film
Radar alert on blast
Solid ice cubes with the draft
Cool kids, how long will we last
We’ll drink to that

Your eyes
Smooth brown in a haze
My most favorite maze
You stare at my gaze and you make biting movements at me, tickle me and tell me
Quiet down little girl
Even though we own the world
You give my seat a twirl
And I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours
I don’t want to be anyone else’s
I couldn’t bother with their noise
But you, with your high class poise
My shallow nature you destroy
And your god-forbidden wit you deploy
Hold me, hold me, hold me
Touch me, touch me, touch me
You force me to take a shot with you and as the sensation of fire and crackling runs down my throat I kiss you not once
Not twice
Three times

Once for happiness
Twice for adoration
Three times for the chance of finding someone like you again in my life

One day there will no longer be a you and me
And I can’t help but wonder, who will it be
But I don’t occupy myself with these thoughts for now
In front of me I’ve got a man worth putting on a luxurious evening gown
To march up hundreds of stairs to make it downtown
Throw my arms in the air as he tosses me around

My hand on your knee
Your arm on my side
I keep wondering how
Did I ever find

Someone like you to sit at the bar with
If you had told me earlier, I’d say it’s a myth.

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