Pools of tar

Saltine crackers
Spit me out
I’m sitting, thinking about your whereabouts
Come on, scream and shout
Hey, don’t get too loud
I’m so pretty, so young, with my green eyes I pout
So baby, serenade me, tell me what your life’s been about

Curled up on your couch
I’m quiet like a mouse!
You can’t find me while you’re pacing around your mansion of a house
With you, the checks never bounce
I’m a slice of cherry pie, in your grey striped shirt
I make fun of your mistakes and I hit you where it hurts
I grew up mean to boys so I make a terrible flirt
Hurry up and find me and have me for dessert

You tell me it’s 4 months you’ve been off wine
I say me too, me too, no longer refined
You say in my new diamonds I look simply divine
The only thing I care about is how brilliantly they shine
Can we make it until we have to pick a Valentine?
I’ll piss you off a little, tell you there are other men in line
My dress has a low back and you touch the hemline
Honey have you heard the evening’s headline?
If this was a date, you know I’d decline
Lighten up, I tell you that all the time
How many jokes do I have to tell, to have you unwind

You’re not mine
No cigarette to smoke because I quit
I’m not staying until the blinds are sunlit
I like taking dips in tar pits, sort of a misfit
And what I do to you — you’ll never get over it

The taste of my lips
You’re my favorite distraction
But I’ll piss you off a bit
Because you’ll never get over it
That soft-lit hit
Sinking in tar like I asked
I decide to broadcast
Why’s your love for me so vast?
When you’re not mine, we won’t last
The sun never came, it’s now overcast

The sunshine told us we’re in the past
Your love for me is so, so vast
But nothing with me ever lasts

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