Poem: Your friend and other things

It hurts
I don’t know if I fell in love with you, or your black shirt
I like plain
I want to watch the recording of us dancing again
The one I made up in my brain
In two separate plains
You’re the cutest when you look me directly in my eyes
The only guy that (maybe) to me never lies
Someone who reads, but wouldn’t call himself wise

No doubt, I’m sure
My new coat is black faux fur
You’d hate it!
I look like Lucille Bluth
It’s straight comedy
Come to bed with me
I see you as shy, but maybe I’m wrong
Maybe you’re secretly an outspoken guy
With me I like how you talk
Except the morning when you drove me home
So bitter around sunlight!
You just
Give me goosebumps
My frail body is covered
I’ll be your friend and your lover



I’ll come over
Ask you for a drink
Then, another
Try not to make it overwhelmingly obvious
I’m not much of an actress
I tend to spill
Picture us in a field— me with a polaroid camera, you with a daffodil
We’d be happy in that still

Around you I don’t get emotional
Your presence just calms me down
Think that’s why I’m so eager to share with you the ground
Cover your walls to amplify surround sound
I’m a girl, not a musician
Don’t know why you do the things you do
Smoke a few in your kitchen
I stay quiet, you talk, I do nothing but listen
Any day of the week

You told me you read these
Let’s see
Are you lying to me?

Me with a polaroid camera
You with a daffodil
I created that in my mind, I’m still waiting until…


I’m a girl, not a musician
Don’t know why you do the things you do
Smoke a few in your kitchen
Nothing else I’d rather do




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