Poem: To tell you the truth

Let me tell you something that is true
The dining room is where I love dancing with you
I love swing-sets and fourteen-digit numbers and chamomile tea in the evenings
Ginger chews from Trader Joe’s
My life created into soft prose
Paint chips
Home Depot with you, choosing a garden hose
To spray you with water when you’re power-washing the car
To run away with you and drive directly into the stars
Never be bossy
Make you start flossing
I love the way you look at me like I’m not an object
Like something inside me will suffice
Like I’ve moved past the years that were the hardest

I cannot stop blinking to look directly into the lens
A penchant for fine-point black ink pens
A love affair with that E-350 Mercedes Benz
Later we’ll look back to each other and say “remember when”
Sweetness while you’re changing lanes
Taking film photographs in front of semi’s holding propane
Washing my face after all of the rain
Hold me and tell me, you won’t bring me pain
Nothing to lose, everything to gain

I take careful note of your advances
So I can afford to give you more chances
You don’t give me compliments but it’ll be nice when you do
Cleaning off last February’s residue
I’m real modest but admire myself, I do
I send you warm thoughts, I hope they come true
Oh, you have no clue

My long peach nails make quite the sound as I type
We look through fashion magazines – the cultured, the refined
Bend over backwards for each other because it’s been enough time
Don’t let your wildest dreams pass you right by
I remember that life
Lemons and a knife
Thought I was far too damaged to stay alive
Now you’re asking me why
I love paint when it’s dry
When the molten lava makes for a good swim
You with your glasses, so focused on the win
That you can’t make out the green eyes of the girl you’re with

You leave me voicemails and I think that’s awfully cute
I’d pick up where we left off but I don’t want to intrude
Can’t tell if you like my humor or think that it’s rude
Nothing in this world is absolute

And to tell you the truth
Oh, you have no clue

You have no clue





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