Poem: Poems for him pt. 1

Poem: Poems for him pt. 1

David Hume said
Who says things will continue to operate the same as they have?
We use inferential reasoning in our own lives
You swim in the pool
I rub sunscreen onto my inner thighs
I’m closer with you than with the other guys

Throw you your sunglasses and I sit right back
On this lounge chair I can relax
But knowing what I know is kind of evil
It’s enveloping me, I can feel it
You tell me the truth, let’s make it even
But you don’t really care ’bout how I’m feeling

We expect things to happen because we have observed that this is the case many times before
Like when you had me lying down on the kitchen floor
My legs got really sore
I hate the smell of Whiskey and your gentle vibe was no more
I spent my Friday lying on the kitchen floor

You tell me the truth, let’s make it even
But you never cared ’bout how I’m feeling
So why do I still go to you for a reason
Catch me in June, wearing dresses for the season
If I tell, they’ll lock you up for treason
You little anarchist, you

But my mind changes day to day
Yet some things stay the same
How scared I am of how much I might
Want you
Need you
Like a snake crawling around my soft neck

Fragility looks good on me, baby
That’s what you used to say to me
Smoothness and fur
In a sec I’ll be out the door
Calling me names, say I’m a wh***
I don’t know what you’re playing these games for
I spent my Saturday lying on the floor

The white tiles deliver me a kind of comfort that you never could
I should get up, take a shower
I really should
But lying here for hours
It kind of feels good
It’s not my choice
It’s the big bad boy’s
Relinquished my ability to feel any joy
Of course, it’s you
It’s you, of course
I lose, you win
You win, I lose
The spite and rage I no longer choose
What’s your excuse?

Two tickets for the Chicago cubs
You only do that when you’re in love

Sunflowers and rosemary growing in the garden
Where’d you come from, making me uncertain
The city didn’t shape you- your roots are suburban
Your words are empty, your pockets too
You bend down carefully, you’re smiling at me too
Don’t know what you want
Don’t know what you want
Don’t know what you want
Can’t be lying on the floor anymore

Can’t be lying

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