Poem: Play the part (soft amber)

Poem: Play the part (soft amber)

I think I’ve gone mad
I cough in waves
A sphere of ballet-slipper pink encompasses me
The sole holder of what is now devoid
Empty nest
Cradle me
Hold me tight in the wind
I’m in distressed fashion, but not plastic
Changed my state of mind, nothing too drastic
Won’t call or rush you, I know you’ll panic
Can’t get enough of you, even after I’ve had it

Cashmere sweater to say hello to me
Cologne that moves me like sand taken back by the waves into the dawning paradise
The white sunshine’s rays take over the garden and backyard
I’m slender and concave
Hand on my neck
The mist of you breathing is like a slow song by violin
I go up in fumes
I like the sight of you
I’m delicate, not angry
I’m fine with a spoon and strawberry-mint sherbet
I like the things you say

We get along, so it’s easy
I blush and you tease me
You help me believe in

Clusters of smoke that I’ll find myself on the other side of
Passengers, waiting, anxious, gold watches
Time consumes eternity for eternity
The server is nice and kind
He smiles at both of us at the same time
We laugh, we don’t think he’s an ordinary guy
Make up worlds and things to comment on
My literature is your marketplace
My bookshelf is always kept well-dusted in the case that you visit
I’m prepared with strawberry lip balm
Rose-coloured cheek tint
Floral fragrance
Never forgotten
You call me quite often


On time every time
Dressed to look and play the part
Dressed how I like
Amber tones in your skin

I sip my afternoon tea and think
Of the way you looked when you turned towards me
Like entering a rose garden
Like getting home before six
Like clean dishes and cut grass
We love doing chores, we never get bored
We love telling each other our daily correspondences and farewells
We love sharing this satin sofa like its royal blue colour makes us think of wet blueberries on Monday morning
Fruit in plastic bags
Plastic bags in work bags
Work bags on shoulder
Three takes to get the perfect kiss just right

I’ll be seeing you in a few hours
And I’m so proud to play the part

You make it feel right





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