Poem: Free,

Crimson red glass
With soft etiquette
Returned because I don’t drink
The girls chatter as is expected
All I’m thinking about is the moon
Waxing crescent
Full moon in ten days
The girls think it’s special
I just like knowing how it’s turning around the little place I occupy
I start to feel shy

Go out for drinks,
Order nothing
I’ve decided I no longer drink
It helps my alibi
They don’t question why
I miss diving in the crystal lake

What’s idyllic to me, I think about it
I dream a little bit too much
My eyes are pale jade and isle Royale
Nobody memorizes their color, but what can I do
Can’t be blue
In a whirlpool where I can escape
Pale sea-foam covers my body and shows that I’m smiling
Free spirit

I don’t want to plateau.

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