Poem: Cashmere phone calls

Poem: Cashmere phone calls

Rest my body on ice water
A cream sky
Mitral valves
The appropriate method of saying goodbye
In particular
To someone who terrorized the heart strings of someone who said she wasn’t soft
I’m very soft
As you can imagine

I’m cashmere on a hazy day
I’m lazy, forgetful
Crisp like the leaves in the season of autumn
He was with her, I caught him
Kept having dreams where I shot him
The seasons change and I don’t carry cash
So I feel bad when the guys on the street ask for money
I can only offer cigarettes & lollipops
The cigarettes I’m stingy about
I said I’m running on empty; pretty soon I’ll burn out
Hit the harsh cement – fade out
I’m cashmere in my own way

I met a drummer who wrote me a song
But there were no lyrics involved
I started to sing what I thought
I must have forgot
A man that shows you a project he’s working on does not want you to change it in any fundamental way
It’s considered foul play
I just have a gift of making things better
And I cried all night, wearing your oversized sweater
I’ve got this thing for polyphonic letters
Soon it’ll be September
And I hope you’ll remember

To call

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