Poem: A farewell, a goodbye, & a few reasons why

Poem: A farewell, a goodbye, & a few reasons why

A solid impression
You flourish from attention
I failed to mention
The subtleties in my movements
The delicate imbalance perchance you take me
Miserable, haunting, unwelcoming vacancy
I am the prettiest girl and I would like for you to cradle me

Skin glistening under the simmering hot sun
I think the world of you, but I’m the only one
Your brother laughed on the phone
He didn’t put up with my tone
He said if he has another, why won’t you let him go?
I said, I don’t know
I said, I just don’t know

I know my distress is an inconvenience
I’ve been your soft little lenience
I’m a wet blanket- your pink-nailed, gentle-featured killjoy
You paint yourself gold like it’s your marketing ploy
My hands on your shoulders
“Honey, guns aren’t toys”
The prophet of doom and glory has come to tell us to turn down the noise
We respond, of course, with nothing but poise
Remorse in a bedroom
Withdrawing and sweating
Prepare yourself for the obsolete presence of mind
Tell me the same story you told me last time
In midair suspended, dandelions in my hair
Tell me that you find me graceful and kind
Your catechism can be nonchalantly blamed on the wine
Ice cube crystals melt like glaciers
I think this is goodbye

I’m not profiting from the distance between us
But I am getting closer to reaching the satellite
I rest my head exactly where you used to place yours
Almost every single, individual, starry night
Back then I was a diamond, now I’m back to graphite
It’s your longing gaze that’s such a beautiful sight
A crystalline form of the element carbon
I want to see you take off all that metal armour
Your father said be careful, just please don’t harm her
But changing your old ways is too vain to bother

I thought I could
I stood on the platform
I gave a speech
They hated me
Peered into my compass of female fragility
When my eyes met that of God’s, I could finally see
Nobody in my life ever believed in me
I have only one option and it infuriates me

I have to leave you before you leave me

I’m so deep blue that you can’t see my embers
Think back to my birthday, it was mid-September
You didn’t call
You didn’t remember
And now it’s day seven of this year’s December

And there are no white roses in my room to be found
You love me?
No, it’s the other way around
Coming to terms with that continues to hurt, somehow
I’m constantly deciding whether I can afford to break down
I play in the ocean, wouldn’t mind if I drowned
I just hope I’d be wearing that pink nightgown

I have to leave you before you leave me
I loved you like waves, so wholeheartedly
I think I must do what’s best for me
The walls cave in and bend anonymously
When you close your eyes, I hope you see me
A hopelessly nervous beauty queen
An angel in a dress that makes me feel pretty

The walls cave in
When you close your eyes
I hope you see me

I have to leave you before you leave me

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