Watermelons and tangerines
I feel you behind me
You’ve pressed an incorrect key
Drown with me

Your full name
Tip of my tongue
Breath sounds
Swimming through my lungs

A golden finch
Screaming across the room
You’re such an evil bitch!

Because it’s you, I don’t flinch.

Under the mattress covers
I kiss you all over
I bend you
You’re my favorite lover

I bake you sweets
You spit out my cake
Me driving the truck
An idea you can’t shake

I’m swimming to you
Blowing bubbles for you
The camera clicks
I give your cheek playful licks

We develop the colorful flicks
We light them up like magic sticks

You’re so bizarre
Always making your weird jokes
Thank you for helping me
Get off the tar-pit smokes

I’m busy on Sundays
My personal days
But if you want company
You always get your way

Every day with you is a holiday

Let’s stay this way
This nice, calm peace
Floating by the bayside
A charming, hot ease

I bat my eyelashes and say please, please, please
Stay with me, here under the mattress covers
Play with me here, in the tree house
Dance with me, wild in the living room
Don’t let go when you hold me
Don’t say no when you’re above me
Don’t leave me, don’t leave me
Just love me

Just love me

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