On endings

A word to the man that refused to go to the park with me
We had fun in the white gazebo didn’t we

Your complaints running wild about the wood
Me, just happy that came by you could
I’m trapped in a lustful zone of hostility
I want you terribly under the covers with me

A word to the man who won’t listen to anybody else’s music
You were my muse for so many months
I wore heels just for you because I wanted to be pretty
I wanted you to recognize that I was your girl

Soft and gentle, like the morning sea
You lied there deeply embedded in bed with me
You were so quiet I was afraid to talk
But I spelled out my love as if It was in chalk

A word to the man who thinks he’s badass
You’re a memory I’ll never forget
And when it’s cold outside, when it’s wet
Ending things with you I will regret

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