My bare thighs

I’m standing like bamboo
Wishing I was closer to you
From across the city sphere
Count the ways we disappear
Is it sound to say I’m right here

My brain makes too much noise
There never were other boys
I promise, I’m free and coming clean
There was nobody in between

To fall for false truths
It was the summer of disguise
When you touched my bare thighs
You manipulated me and you sighed

I was wasting my potential
The roses died, just to mention
It’s like I said in my clause
Where’s the glory with no applause
What’s the story that’s true
Lying is so far beneath you
I felt defeated and screwed
But then I met another dude
Turns out he’s just like you

When you touched my bare thighs
My brain makes too much noise
I promise I wasn’t lying
When I said there were no other boys
Head up, I maintain my irreconcilable poise
Have fun with your anonymous toys
Do you learn their names?
Does it ever stop the noise?

I know you’re bored

I know you well

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