Making melancholy films

Hydrangeas are the softest flower
My life, has turned painfully sour
Where I go, I don’t know
I cast my seeds, but I don’t sow
I want to dream of a paradise
But every day you’re being not so nice
And I’m fading into the black
It’s starting to feel there’s no turning back

I’m awake at midnight, no early bedtime
The laughter with you, the sweetest of times
I keep it in my heart, somewhere safe
But lately the path to it has felt like a maze
I’m drawing parallels between you and me
But your new girlfriend is far too pretty
Placing symbols on the things you’ve done
Though our deeper love has just begun

I don’t want to be alone all these nights
I want to tell you these things without the hostile fights
Making melancholy films of me undressing
Just to captivate you, stop you from stressing
It’s all for you after all
And deeper into madness I continue to fall
Until finally there’s nothing left of me
You’ll have used me up, don’t you see

I want the passion and the sunrise
I want you to show up, come by by surprise
Capture me in my best light
At least start by saying good night
You’re wild and you’re free, won’t you share
When I spin out of control, won’t you care

I want to be your absolute
But let’s start with telling each other the complete truth
I know it’s hard to do
I know it’s hard to do
I know it’s hard to do
I know it’s hard to do

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