Love poem: I melt (just right)

Love poem: I melt (just right)

I am a lavender riverbed
Milky and calm, docile and proud
Warm in the daylight
Looking for you, in the crowd
Foreign faces that look so withdrawn from me
My small network of webs and dandelions
Like tulips that fade to faint, but realized, shades of deep pink & lavish gold
Rising with the sun
Feeling down on my drive home
A mainstay of sleep-away camps and forgotten flowers
Collapsing in the evening
On my lush bedspread because I’m tired, so tired
Of living without you

To write
My digits
Down on a scratch sheet of paper
A ripped-to-pieces piece of art
Silence heard through a megaphone
I used to adore that store, the one named Michael’s
The one that sold craft supplies, stamps and postage, stickers that sparkled
In the right light
Ribbons and yarn, solid charcoal-black projectors
Fine point pens –
Thin, less than a third of a millimeter, dark black and anachronistic ink

(Sink your teeth in)
I swept through pages for ages, dancing on melatonin fiber sheath
Metallic highlighters to turn my pathophysiology notebook into sheer pink that gleams
With bright, sky, abstract blues
Colours I’ve never lost touch with, clearly
My eternity, my world
Proof I exist

Vivid, soft, enchanting, nice
A sense of completeness
Something to admire
In the evenings
When I’m at my desk
Working like a husband who’s ignoring his wife
But I’d never ignore you
I’d let you
Enter my world
“Come as you are”
Leave, never
Hold on, tightly
Feel at peace

Absorb my warmth
Don’t hide from me
Come alive with me

I’m starting to
But I do exist boldly, fiercely
Not looming in melancholia, but observing you working on your gadgets
With your five-thousand-Kelvin bright, white light
Attached to your forehead
That doesn’t correctly present your age in years
My time spent here
Is nice when in
The presence of your softly arranged cable-knit sweaters
That you look like an angel in

I am
Starting to lose my vision
Or reminded of the vision that I have already lost
I need
To know nothing
But be admired
For existing
If that can come true?
Of course

I am
Starting to lose my vision
Or reminded of the vision that I have already lost
I need
To know nothing
But be admired
For existing
If that can come true?
Of course

What God has created will see God when creation ends

Of course I can’t argue with the possibility that,
I am deserving
Of love that knows no bounds
Scream so loud we escape the surround sound
Because we’re terrified of gravity’s inner turmoil and how houses suddenly catch on fire
How teenagers stay up for hours not knowing they need sleep to grow and
Won’t you silence my inner critic
That tells me I’m not
Pretty in this bright, white light

It’s only when you
Turn to me
That I am concave and ice
And like ice, that dissolves
I melt like chamber orchestras

Falling deeper into the web of eternity’s vision statement
My residence in this world
Is only complete, if you’ll put the down payment down
And we’ll elope to the moon

How’s that sound?
How do I look in this light?

I want to
I want to
I want to look just right

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