Like death, adore him

Lilacs growing in the garden
Saying “I’ll see you tomorrow”
A boy who doesn’t leave me with sorrow
And I still mess it up
I find a way
To misbehave
Get my own way
Impatience every day
I go to the beach and pray
For grey skies and soliloquy’s
For you and me, breakfast with tea
For me to provide all your fantasies

It’s rich
It’s gold
Maybe I should have done what I was told
Be a good girl
No temptations
Enforce restrictions
Monitor yourself
Equate honesty with wealth
Maintain your good health
Never run out of breath
Get yourself out of this mess

And when you get a boy that laughs like death
Adore him to the edges of the earth
Make sure he never gets hurt
Not by the ground, not by your lying teeth
More manipulative the further we drive East
This isn’t the place I wanted to be
Come home to me, baby
Making love with passion and greed
Try to do one good deed
Don’t keep your bad habits
Driving fast, avoiding running over rabbits
I’m a little crazy, just a tad bit

Come back to me
I’m fragile
Come home to me
Come home to me
Come home to me
Come home

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