Jigsaw puzzles (hot sunshine)

He’s known
For believing
But why would I want someone to treat me this bad?
Say the wrong things
When I’m at my most sad
I don’t know about that
Crimson, bleeding skies.

But he can’t see my glow
I sparkle like a radiant diamond
In the hot sunshine
February, I want my very own valentine
Darling you know I can’t make you mine
You’re plain and simply, just the wrong kind.
I’ve tried.

The snow falls
There will be other opportunities to visit 10,000 Lakes
With my future true love, several trips I will take
I’ll be swimming in deep waters perfectly wide awake
In azure blue
Soft shades and hues
With you I’ve got way too much to lose
And you know I don’t think-
I don’t think I like the abuse.

Silver shades and glamour
Meet you out front in my pajamas
Tell you to stop drinking so much
There’s so much more for you to see and do
I know that your love for me was never true
I remember that sweet day down in Malibu
Eyes like crayons
Hands shaped like hurricanes
For a boy, I can’t go insane
I’m sorry but I don’t feel the same
Someone please let me out of this game
Played it so many times, now it’s over
Crimson & clover.

Like a jigsaw
I’m like
Like a jigsaw
I’m like
Like a jigsaw
I’m like

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