In holy matrimony

For the ones that can be without
A masculine guardian
An angel with wings
You’re burning me with peroxide!
It stings and it stings!
But you say such magical things

You drive an SUV but I like to sit down low
Like a Lamborghini, that you’re driving just for show
I got soft curves like Marilyn Monroe
That and other facts that you’ll never find out
I don’t quite want to kiss you so I just pout
Darling there are too many things we can talk about
So cruise with me, come on, soothe me

Pink silk and a cotton sweater, I’m doing overtime
You remind me I’m attached to a victimless crime
A daiquiri you make me, with an American lime
But I don’t drink
With you I need space to think
Alone in here I’m the weakest link
In holy matrimony, in holy matrimony
Let the water be clear for all angels to pass

Impatiently waiting
God is forsaken
How much time is he taking
To make me feel

Like Juliet has come alive
Like crystal meth, before you drive
140 miles per hour, who am I to say
I’d love to die if we can stay this way

I’d love to die if we just stay this way

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